Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make an Upcycled Christmas Tree Craft
LED flameless tea lights add a nice touch

Tutorial at The Space Between Blog

"Some of my favorite blog friends came up with the idea to share simple Christmas ideas we can all do.  Christmas in a minute.  And I just could not stop myself from taking action on it.  Please tell me that has happened to you, too.  And, seriously, it’s on the cover of Real Simple magazine for crying out loud.  That means it’s going to be real simple for sure.  Like not-holding-up-any-home-renovation-projects-at-all simple.  And I can upcycle old ornaments and driftwood, I love upcycling ideas. The most time-consuming part was probably my adventure at Goodwill picking up some extra ornaments.  It was 50% off clothing day and everyone and their mother was shopping.  Lucky for me, getting 10 ornaments for $0.40 is my idea of a good time … and then I picked up a few others from the dollar store".... Read more

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